Rain Phone Number and Schedule Updates:  1-866-260-9765

If games are cancelled, a recording will indicate so. If the games are still on, a normal phone message greeting will be heard with the game schedule for that day. Call between the hours of 5:00 – 6:00 PM to verify field status.


“WELCOME BACK BILL” Softball Tournament APRIL 25 and APRIL 26

We will be welcoming Bill Heimer back from his extended stay up north. The tournament will be Saturday, April 25th starting at 9:00 am (Men’s) and Sunday, April 26th starting at 12 noon (Co-Ed). We will be accepting teams, partial teams and individuals.  The cost will be $10 per person. If you don’t have a complete team, we will be forming teams the morning of the tournament. Please show up 15 minutes prior to the start time. We expect that all teams will be playing the first time slot.

NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES, i.e. beer, etc is allowed in the dugouts or in the stands. We have been warned by the County that too many bottles, cans and bottle tops have been found the vicinity of the playing fields and in the trash cans. If found drinking alcoholic beverages around the playing areas, you may asked to leave the premises. This is our first and last warning.

Flagler County Softball News

Check back often for special announcements or updates on games in the event of inclement weather.